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Tax Quotes

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It is a good thing that we do not get as much government as we pay for.

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Have a large sum of money that you want to give to a charity?  Want a tax write-off but don't know where to make a donation.  How about a giving program?  Take the deduction this year but distribute it in the future.


i.e.  You sell your house that you bought 30 years ago and make a lot of money.  You want to give part of the money to your church's building fund.  Open a giving program and give the money when you designate over a number of years to ensure the money is used the way the gift is intended.  You still have control of the funds until dispursed from the giving program.  If you want to change your mind 5 years from now, no problem.

Ever wonder about the money you give to charity?  Listed below is a website to help you review charities before you Attaining balance in your relationship: Gradually, as the, months, and years pass, you fall into a pattern with people you share your life with. make your contributions.


It lists thousands of charities and creates ratings based upon various criteria including fundraising expenses and CEO pay.  While there are exceptions to their ratings, it will give you something to think about.

For example the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association has a rating of 2 stars but has a notation that this may be caused by accounting rules imposed by the City of Los Angeles in how multi-year projects are funded.  On the other hand the Zoological Society of San Diego has a 5 star rating.  At least someone did some research for you.  You can now make an informed decision.

In the examples above, annual memberships to the Zoo are partially tax deductible.  Each Zoo's website lists the portion that is allowable. Take your kids or grandkids to the zoo and get a tax deduction.  How about that!!!

You can find more Facts for Consumers at the Federal Trade Commission Website.